Sex Has Turned Me to Cripple: sex is sweet but the disadvantage of it is bad for me


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Author: G Khoury, Albert
Publication Date: 09/27/2022
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Daniel is a farmer and his wife is a businesswoman, I’m also a businessman, my name is Albert’ we are living in the same environment this is the side of my stories

Getting married to an unuseful husband is not a good idea, Friday daniel does beat his wife I don’t know why, but it will soon fish out

Sunday thing’s, on my way, coming back for a program I meet Daniel wife washing she greets me like we know each other since 3years to the day

D wife, good afternoon

Albert, how are you

D wife, I’m fine & you

Albert, good & sorry what’s your name

D wife, was surprised because she never thought I will ask for her name

LILIA she said,

Albert, wow nice name

We exchange some words and I said goodbye to her


I had a knock on my door who is the monkey I asked. because I don’t open my door at night for anyone, as I open my door it was daniel ‘ standing in front of me like the police, hope all is well he didn’t let me finish my word why did you greet my wife and who permit you? I’m here to warn you to stay away from my wife, and he left my front without me saying any word.


it was a friend I’m thinking of going to my friend’s house he is celebrating his birthday,

Knock knock again is he who am thinking but did I talk to him wive LORD save me

on way open my door she enters inside my room and sits on the couch, now my control has lost what can I offer you

She answers please we need to talk

LILIA, why you do not talk to me, you are afraid of my husband, right?

Albert, no, why will i’ he is a man and I’m also a man she asked again,

LILIA, did you have a girlfriend?

Albert, yes I do but she did not care for me

LILIA, like giving you sex

Albert, hmmmm let me offer you some drink

I take my move to give her drink suddenly she calls my name on turning back to her she is naked already, come let fuck she said? my dick immediately rises like an angry lion that wants to eat a fresh dog’ on seeing her naked what comes out of my mouth is wow, I quickly jump on her and squeeze her breast like never now” she is shouting please fuck me, oooooh, shhhhhhh, I went down on her pussy but she is wet already ‘ i suck her pussy till she releases five time’s before I removing my cloth my pajama has rise to work for water linking on seeing my pajama she said, is too big for me I rob my dick on her pussy and rise her bottom up for treatment, now she is shouting fuck fuck fuc hhhhhh shhhhh ureee taaaaaaaaa yes yes yes fuck me hard I don’t know why? we fuck three times before she leaves my room, and since then we always fuck every day for a week,


what’s happing to me I’m weak I don’t know why so I went for a checkup and my doctor says to me ‘you’ve got a weak spinal code I told him okay because I don’t believe him, he continues you’ve to stop having sex for One month, okay I said so I left the hospital that day ‘ I and Lilia still fuck like 2 to 3 days, she rides me very well I also cum inside her.

I slept off without taking birth because I’m over weak,

As I weak up in the morning my leg was not able to move again every part of my body had now become big, is like there was water inside of me now, I can’t stand, I can’t turn my body from right to left because is too heavy and Lilia is not yet to be found.