Sensing – The Way Back to No-Thing-Ness: Essays on Non-Duality


SKU: 9780578574875
Author: Shidfar, Benaz
Publication Date: 10/28/2019
Publisher: Benaz Shidfar
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Who wants to realize Clarity when Clarity IS? Who wants to be Free when Freedom IS? Who wants Peace when Peace IS? Who whats to find Love when Love IS? Who wants to realize Truth when Truth IS? This is not a spiritual or religious message, because there is nothing outside of It-Self that needs to be realized or has been lost in order to be found. It is What-Is. The No-Thing-Ness is nothing and is everything. The search for the so-called Absolute-Being is futile. The search is what is actually hiding the very thing that the individual is seeking, which is No-Thing-Ness as being All-Things. This book is written by an author whose second language is English. She hopes that she has given clarity to the essence of non-duality.