Seeking the Soul: Through Meditations on Draconic Astrology


SKU: 9781803813646
Author: Godden, Patricia
Publication Date: 04/13/2023
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This book is about seeking to find out more about the soul through the means of meditation. The introduction describes what is meant by the words ‘soul’, ‘spirit’ and ‘spirituality’ and how meditation has been used for millennia to find out more about these deeper facets of the human being. Astrology, particularly one branch of astrology called ‘draconic astrology’ is another tool that can be used to explore the soul. The author meditated on the draconic level of the planets and signs of the zodiac to find out more about the soul, its relationship to spirit and their interactions with the outer, physical level of life.

The first chapter gives simple instructions on how to create a draconic horoscope from the tropical horoscope that is used more commonly in western astrology. Diagrams and examples are given. However, it is not necessary to know anything about astrology to use this book. The chapter on draconic astrology can easily be skipped over by readers who have no interest in that subject.

The second chapter describes how the author prepared to meditate. Most of the meditations started with her entering a cave, symbolic of a quiet place within. As each meditation unfolded, it became clear which planet or sign of the zodiac was the focus of that meditation. At the end of each meditation, insights gained were noted and the subject of further contemplation. Pictures, either paintings or collages, were produced to capture the essence of each meditation. These are reproduced in this book.

The third and fourth chapters detail the meditations of the planets and signs of the zodiac, respectively. These descriptions are followed by the picture produced after the meditation and an explanation of the picture. After that are a few key words and phrases that summarise that planet or sign at the draconic level. There is a ‘Comment’ that puts the draconic level of the planet or sign into the context of the more common interpretations associated with the tropical horoscope.

The final chapter is a review. It describes observations that have emerged in the author’s astrology practice as a result of insights gained in the meditations. There is enhanced understanding of how a person’s soul is guiding them in their physical life. However, the meditations go much further. There are many instances when the meditations seem to elucidate deeper parts of the human being: the soul and its connection with spirit. In addition, the meditations suggest a profound connection to all life; a oneness with all that is in creation.