Seed Production of Horticulture Crops: Principles and Practices


SKU: 9788119254590
Author: Venudevan, B
Publication Date: 07/29/2023
Publisher: Nipa
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The readers will get knowledge about seeds, science and technology involved in this subject. Seeds are fertilised mature ovules shaped through sexual reproduction in plants. It is the cheapest and key input in agriculture. It is estimated that good quality seeds of improved varieties can contribute about 20-25% increase in yield. Seed technology is an interdisciplinary science, involves such activities as variety development, evaluation and release seed development, seed processing, seed storage, seed testing, seed certification, seed quality control and seed marketing etc., through which the genetic and physical characteristic of seeds could be improved. Each topic was discussed in separate chapter and this book will prove extremely useful to its readers.