Seed Production In Field And Horticulture Crops Nucleus And Breeder


SKU: 9789391383039
Author: Rangasamy, S R Sree
Publication Date: 11/14/2022
Publisher: New India Publishing Agency- Nipa
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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The book is inclusive of all categories of crop plants that are either seed or clonally propagated, will be a useful sourcebook to researchers, students and others involved in quality assured seed production.

This book will promote or expand the seed innovations like futuristic seeds such as in vitro clones, micropropagation, artificial/synthetic seeds and organic seeds conjoining with the upcoming genetics, breeding and molecular breeding perspectives related to the Nucleus and Breeder Seed production in annual and perennial inclusive of grain, legume, pulses, fibers, oil, vegetables, fruit and other horticultural crops seed and clonal crops.