Rulers and Submissives of Subjugation


SKU: 9781491785690
Author: Trevor, Christopher
Publication Date: 12/30/2015
Publisher: iUniverse
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Since first becoming a (book) published author in 2004 (before that Mr. Trevor had numerous stories published in an array of erotic oriented magazines) Christopher Trevor has never failed to tantalize, excite and provoke his reading audience with a mixture of outlandish, sinister, sometimes dark, but always beautifully and uniquely erotic tales. “I write about the things that most people don’t want to, or are reluctant and uncomfortable to talk about, for whatever the reason,” Mr. Trevor says with a grin.

And once again, with this latest collection of erotic stories, and even some psychological non-fiction thrown in the author does not disappoint. Trevor shows why he is the definitive voice for fetishism. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to explore the world of what is often perceived as the forbidden.

Christopher Trevor’s “Rulers and Submissives of Subjugation” fills a yawning gap in the history of BDSM, Cop and Military Fetish, Foot Fetishes, Suit and Tie worship and other fetishes that are rarely explored, even till now in the twenty-first century. The arrival of this new work by the author who has been called “The Gay Fifty Shades of Grey” is most timely. This passionate narrative of erotic envelope-pushing fictional short stories that wind out with an epilogue of non-fiction from the author himself and other like-minded fetishists should be recognized as a book that ennobles the human spirit. It helps to free the mind, heart and soul where these intimate secrets between willing (and even unwilling) partners are concerned.

The book leads off with a story about a cop going off half-cocked after an illegal porn ring as he tries to make a name for himself…and unwittingly becomes the porn ring’s latest and hunkiest star…talk about twisted turns of events.

Christopher Trevor’s adoration of marines shines, or perhaps we should say, spit-shines once more in the story, “The Groom’s Father, Sergeant Major Sheldon”, and a new fetish for the author to write about is vividly explored in a soaked suit story titled, “Greg Gregg’s Jacuzzi.”

Ronald Greene, the infamous tickle villain from Mr. Trevor’s past books reemerges here in the guise of an orderly…who manages to assist in snagging a handsome young executive into his tickle clutches…and the laughter begins…and hardly ends…

Exploring his past and his own fetish where men’s business attire is concerned, Mr. Trevor treats us to “Of Fetishes and Business Attire”, a story that truly explores rulers and submissives of subjugation…and of how both sides LOVE and willingly accept their roles. One person who read this story asked, “Can a man wearing silk dress socks be macho and dominant?”

All this and more, such as in the story “The Padlocked Hearts” in which a young man on a usual repair job for the company he works for meets the girl of his dreams…and perhaps his nightmares as well…

“You never know what I will write next,” Christopher Trevor has said.

It’s not just erotica, its Christopher Trevor.