Right Closet


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Author: Price, Melissa
Publication Date: 09/21/2021
Publisher: Bella Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Meet Creama LaCroppe–adored Latinx drag queen diva.


Her nemesis is the venomous anti-LGBT Congressman Peak.


When Creama tails Peak to Puerto Rico on behalf of Diversity Rights Activist Group, their plane ditches in the ocean. But the lifeboats disappear before Creama can evacuate with the unconscious congressman in tow. Lost at sea and given up for dead, they’re rescued on a nearby island. Stricken with amnesia upon waking from their comas, they begin anew with a clean slate. Enter political activist Tawny Beige–sexy lesbian newscaster and Creama’s best friend. Consumed by grief for persuading Creama to board the ill-fated flight, Tawny joins forces with Jane, the alluring flight attendant, to investigate Creama’s disappearance. Neither woman can anticipate what’s about to come.


Complicating matters, the missing congressman’s aide insists on joining their hunt. Will bitter opposition consume them all, or might love actually change the world?


The Right Closet flips the proverbial script and proves once again that politics indeed makes for strange bedfellows.