Results: The Science-Based Approach to Better Productivity, Profitability, and Safety


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Author: Austin, John
Publication Date: 05/25/2023
Publisher: Reaching Results
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Do you wish you could create an amazing environment where your team can do their best work AND feel safe, connected, and valued?

You can transform your leadership with these five easy steps.

Behavioral psychologist and human performance expert Dr. John Austin has asked leaders around the world what they most want and need in their teams . . . and most leaders want their people to feel they belong, feel psychologically and physically safe, feel inspired, feel excited to be at work, and feel they are working productively and with purpose. Leaders implement processes and procedures, develop training, create strategic plans, and explain in increasing detail what to do . . . and yet, somehow, the work culture often does not improve.

The problem is the false assumption that knowing something means that you will do it. And thousands of well-meaning, smart, and hardworking leaders make this mistake every day.

Honed over twenty-five years and on more than 10,000 projects, Austin’s RESULTS:

The Science-Based Approach to Better Productivity, Profitability, and Safety is a practical guide to becoming a more effective leader by leveraging behavioral science and shows you how to achieve real, lasting results more easily than you ever thought possible.

In this concise guide, Austin distills the complexities of behavioral science into a five-step process that can be applied to work, family, and organizational life. Along the way, readers will be inspired and motivated by stories of how other companies have successfully used this unique process to astounding effect-in fact, Austin’s approach has produced positive, measurable results more than 90% of the time.

If you want to…

  • Build a feedback-rich environment in which everyone enjoys a better work life
  • Help team members feel safe in sharing their best ideas to improve productivity and communication
  • Build strong relationships to foster loyalty and a feeling of connection among team members
  • Create a place that great people can’t wait to work in
  • Provide an environment in which people feel psychologically and physically safe and inspired

Then buy this book today. Your team–and your business–will thank you for it.