Rest More Work Less: Unleashing Productivity and Overcoming Burnout in a Workaholic Society


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Editor: Foundations, DIC
Author: Delvin, George D
Publication Date: 07/06/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Do you want to lead a life that is less hectic and more satisfying, one in which work is not a chore but a pleasure? In such a case, you should read this book.

The book Rest More, Work Less will teach you how to reclaim your time, enjoy leisure, and achieve balance in a workaholic society by challenging your beliefs about work and showing you how to unleash productivity and overcome burnout.

What you’ll pick up from this book is:

  • The myths and illusions that keep you in a rut of overwork, burnout, and pointless work, and how to escape them.
  • The best way to cut down on hours at work without jeopardizing pay or job stability or advancement opportunities.
  • Finding the sweet spot between your professional goals and your ideals.
  • How to make your job more satisfying, worthwhile, and equitable.
  • In what ways you might rearrange your schedule to make room for extra downtime?
  • How to make rest a radical act of defiance against the current quo and a driving force towards positive change in one’s life and the world at large.
  • How to become part of the change toward a more positive and healthy society in which labor is valued for its own sake rather than as a means to an end (exploitation).

This book is a call to arms for a revolutionary shift in the way we live and work. This book is founded on the author’s extensive knowledge and practice of numerous modalities of personal development, spirituality, and energy work, as well as his own experience with overcoming overwork, burnout, and pointless work.
George D. Delvin is a candidate for DIC Foundations, an organization whose mission is to assist people improve their vibrations via the use of knowledge frequencies and other methods. He encourages individuals to relax more and work less to realize their potential as writers, speakers, and coaches.

Anyone seeking a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life would benefit from reading this book. Anyone who puts in long hours and would want to get more done in less time fits this category: employees, business owners, students, and parents. Whether overwork, burnout, or pointless labor has taken its toll on you. Even if you’re just interested in how altering your outlook on the workplace could boost your well-being and contentment, this article is for you.
If you want to make a difference in your life, this book will provide you with the inspiration, motivation, and practical advice you need.

It’ll make you think critically about the world as it is and encourage you to become part of the movement to change things for the better.
If you want a read that will have you thinking, feeling, and doing, this is the book for you. If you want to be tested, inspired, and changed, this is the book for you. If you want to read a book that will alter the course of your life and the world, this is it. Then you should read this book.

Stop wasting time. And prepare to sleep in, do less work, and enjoy life more. And enjoy life even more.