Research Art: glitches, poetics, typography and the aura of the digital


SKU: 9780979321504
Author: Betancourt, Michael
Publication Date: 08/19/2021
Publisher: Im Pressd
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“Research Art: glitches, poetics, typography and the aura of the digital” is about margins and marginality in the art world as sources for critical engagements in the studio. It builds on the pioneering work of critical theorist and artist Michael Betancourt, who has used glitches as an integral part of his art since the early 1990s. This book presents his thinking about his own work linking theory and practice in a larger context of conceptual and theoretical concerns that are neither a statement of intentions, nor merely a subjective series of claims about past accomplishments. With 21 illustrations in full color, this book discusses his digital glitch movies, typoetry, abstract photography, and the Instaglitch series as direct examples of the connections between theory and practice, illuminating his proposal for “Research Art” as a domain equal to the “Business Art” familiar from exhibitions in the gallery-fair-museum network. Polemical and often challenging, it explores the role of expectations in making and interpreting art from the vantage point of the studio, rather than as a critic or historian, arguing that “Research Art” is the evolution of the critical position developed by Conceptual Art and Situationalism as the avant-garde program in art came to an end, an adaptation to the changed Contemporary reality of AI, globalization, and digital technology-an oppositional art made in the shadows of digital capitalism.