Racing into Love


SKU: 9781791512613
Author: Steele, Noah
Publication Date: 01/01/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Derrek’s kiss floods me with excitement. Falling for him is a risk. I just have to be willing to take it.My relationship rut ends when pro racer Derrek Luna speeds into my cozy bookstore and crashes the end of a disastrous date. He’s way too risky to fall for, but I can’t ignore the sudden sparks between us. It doesn’t take long before we’re head over heels for each other, and we’ll need that love to cross the finish line. Lap 1: Derrek wants to settle down and stop racing. The woman who runs his life on the track refuses to lose her star without a fight.Lap 2: The closer I get to Derrek, the angrier my ex-turned-best-friend gets. Is he…jealous?Lap 3: Someone broke into my bookstore. I’m starting to wonder if Derrek’s exes ghosted, or if someone convinced them to disappear.But I’m tired of playing it safe, even if being with Derrek is risky for more than just my heart.Racing into Love is a low-angst contemporary M/M instalove romance. Opposites attract in swoony, steamy ways before a guaranteed HEA. It is suggested this series be read in order. Content warnings include: on-page panic attacks.