Putting a Value on Your Offering: How to Determine a Fair Price Best Practises for Pricing Your Product


SKU: 9783986087982
Author: Wilson, Barbara
Publication Date: 09/20/2023
Publisher: Cristian Sergiu Sava
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Businesses that put more emphasis on the value they deliver to clients than the price they offer are allowed to charge almost whatever amount they choose. In Pricing for Profit, business owners may discover how to eschew conventional pricing strategies and command a price that reflects their true worth.

The ability to put a price on the value of one’s goods or services, identify those who buy on the basis of price versus those who buy on the basis of value, package deals to gain an edge over competitors and delight customers, and create an effective value-driven marketing strategy are all skills that readers will gain.

The low pricing that small businesses feel forced to offer make it difficult for them to make a profit and also make it more difficult for them to meet the demands of their customers. Anyone looking to increase unit sales, close more deals overall at higher prices, and earn more money with less needless work should read this approachable and useful advice. There are tons of helpful formulas, script samples, detailed explanations, interactive exercises, and more.