Puppetry: Ahayah Gang Productions


SKU: 9798860073142
Author: Kimbrough, Don
Publication Date: 09/23/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Ten years ago, two girls Bridgette and Aria were playing with a Ouija board and a book of demon names to conjure command and control them. Bridgette pretended to conjure the most powerful deity in the book and put it inside of Aria. a Sky Hunter. But the Sky Hunter was too powerful for the little girl’s body to handle. So, the deity possessed the oldest family member it could find in the house. Which happens to be Aria’s mother Hollie. Agent Darling and an Angel Jessica Harker got the deity out of Hollie and erased everyone’s memories that were involved and the memories of everyone that knew about it. But they made one big mistake, Agent Darling took the wrong girl to the Asylum and her family doesn’t remember she exist. So, she and the deity decided to work together to get revenge on her family and friends. And she came back killing everything while using porcelain dolls as her puppets. Aria and her four friends will be in grave danger, and nobody is safe from the wraith of the girl. Who will survive and who will die? Care to find out read if you dare