Protoplast Isolation and Secondary Metabolite Production


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In “Protoplast Isolation and Secondary Metabolite Production,” R Poovazhagi explores the use of pectinase and cellulase extracted from Bacillus subtilis P15, a soil isolate, in the isolation of protoplasts from two plant species: Hibiscus rosa sinensis L and Catharanthus roseus L Don.

The book provides a thorough overview of protoplast isolation, including the methodology and the various factors that can impact the success of the process. The author discusses the use of pectinase and cellulase enzymes in the isolation process, and how the enzymes can be optimized for maximum efficiency.

Using a combination of literature review and original research, the book also explores the potential of fused protoplasts of Hibiscus rosa sinensis L and Catharanthus roseus L Don to produce secondary metabolites. The author discusses the different types of secondary metabolites, their potential therapeutic uses, and how the fused protoplasts can be manipulated to produce these metabolites.

Overall, “Protoplast Isolation and Secondary Metabolite Production” provides a valuable resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in the potential uses of plant-derived secondary metabolites. The book highlights the importance of ongoing research and collaboration in the field of plant biotechnology, and the potential for new discoveries and innovations in the future.