Professor Tuttle’s Lesson on Friendship


SKU: 9781712911648
Author: Dave Woodford, Brian McNaught
Publication Date: 11/30/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The wise, old turtle, Mydas Tuttle, in his wonderful woodland classroom, explains the true meaning of “Friendship.” Young Nate, and his Labradoodle dog, Lincoln, make new friends with the forest creatures, and learn important lessons about Caring, Sharing, Loyalty, and Forgiveness. The piglet twins, beaver, rabbit, skunk, and others, share stories that help the professor with his lesson. Everyone goes home, until they gather next time, with an appreciation of the treasure of having a very good friend. Author Brian McNaught, and illustrator, Dave Woodford, team up again for this third collaboration on original children’s stories. Friendships, such as theirs, are essential human relationships, experienced first by children, that add to the quality of our lives. Some friendships are meant to be short in nature, and others last a lifetime. The quality of these relationships are consistently shown to impact our health and happiness no matter our age or where we live in the world. Teaching children the important components of a good friendship is a gift that will guide their joy for their entire lives. As Professor Tuttle explains, friendships are like gardens. They need attention. When properly managed, they provide an abundance of beauty and happiness. Oh, how much richer our lives could be if we entered friendships prepared to care for, share with, be loyal to, and forgive our friends, and to expect the same for ourselves.