Productivity Journal – For the Productivity Oriented Muslim: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Journal


SKU: 9788196080204
Author: Journals, Ihsan
Publication Date: 11/30/2023
Publisher: Ihsan Journals
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In Islam, the concept of Ihsan is the pursuit of perfection in all aspects of life. The ultimate goal for a Muslim is to become a Muhsin, one who continuously strives for Ihsan in their actions, thoughts, and intentions.

This journal is designed to assist in that journey, providing a space for reflection and accountability in pursuing spiritual growth and development. May the Almighty (swt) guide us on our path to Ihsan and grant us the ability to become true Muhsins

What is included

  • Monthly Planning
  • Weekly Planning
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Daily Planning & Reflection
  • Muhasaba – Weekly Review
  • Muhasaba – Monthly Review