Productive Cough Mastery Bible: Your Blueprint For Complete Productive Cough Management


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Author: Kashyap, Ankita Sharma, Prof Krishna N
Publication Date: 12/13/2023
Publisher: Virtued Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“The Productive Cough Mastery Bible: Your Blueprint for Complete Productive Cough Management” is a comprehensive guide that empowers individuals to understand, address, and conquer the challenges associated with productive coughs. From unraveling the anatomy of a cough to distinguishing between productive and non-productive coughs, the book provides insights into common causes and types of productive coughs. Readers will learn when to seek medical help and gain an understanding of the psychological impact of chronic coughing. Medical interventions, holistic approaches, and lifestyle modifications are explored, offering a holistic framework for managing coughs. From breathing exercises and diet to surgical options and the future of respiratory medicine, this book is a complete resource for individuals seeking relief and reclaiming their respiratory health.