Production Technology of Drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lamk.)


SKU: 9789391910198
Author: Babu, R Sri Hari Madhumathi, C Jyothi, G
Publication Date: 04/01/2023
Publisher: BS Publications
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Moringa/drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lam.) is a versatile tree vegetable crop, long neglected and rediscovered in recent times. It is indigenous to North India but gained firm foot hold in South India. Much of the information on production technology of drumstick was generated in South India. Many varieties were developed in South India. Its area under commercial cultivation has increased much during the past 30 years particularly after the release of annual types like PKM-1 and PKM-2 from Tamil Nadu. However there is no comprehensive book on drumstick production technology in India including all the accumulated information at one place. This has long been felt as a lacuna. This book “Production Technology of Drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lam) fulfils the long felt need of the book. It covers various aspects of production technology gathered from different sources and is presented in a simple and comprehensive manner. The information presented in this book will be quite useful for students, teachers, researchers and finally and principally to the enthusiastic moringa farmers and those farmers who intend to take up moringa farming in future.