Production of Bio-Ethanol by Two Different Pretreatment Method


SKU: 9783847316312
Author: Kumar Dash, Bijan
Publication Date: 12/12/2011
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This is a Comparative Study of Selected Waste Raw Materials for the Production of Bio-ethanol by Two Different Microwave Assisted Pretreatment Methods. The growing need for energy independence and proposed renewable fuels has led recently to a major expansion of fuel ethanol production. Ethanol fuel produced from biomass is recognized as an important alternative to gasoline.The main objectives of the present study were to select indigenous waste raw materials to be used as substrate for ethanol production, to compare and optimize two different microwave assisted pretreatment methods for the selected raw materials with respect to final ethanol yield and to identify the best raw material among selected with respect to low cost, easy availability, better response to pretreatment and high ethanol yields.