Production Methods and Workability of Concrete


SKU: 9780419220701
Editor: Bartos, P J M Cleland, D J Marrs, D L
Publication Date: 07/04/1996
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Practical production of ordinary and special, high performance concretes and their behaviour and properties when fresh are the main themes of this book. It derives from the International RILEM Conference held in Paisley, Scotland in June 1996, and represents the culmination of the work of two RILEM Technical Committees (145 WSM Workability of Special Mixes, and 150 ECM Efficiency of Concrete Mixers).
Very significant advances have been made recently in the development of concrete with outstanding properties. Such advances in research must be matched by progress in the technology of concrete production. This book focuses on production methods and on workability and handling, two fundamental and closely linked stages of the concrete construction process. It has a strongly practical emphasis, with many contributions showing how to build effectively using the many high performance concretes which have progressed from research into construction in recent years.
The main themes covered are: production mixers and mixing processes; production methods; sprayed and very dry precasting mixes; fibre reinforced concrete; flowing and superfluid mixes; rheology; test methods; mix design and models; special cements and concretes.