Production Homebuilder


SKU: 9781793544704
Author: Holder, Will
Publication Date: 08/01/2022
Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The Production Homebuilder is written to introduce and promote the homebuilding industry to construction college students and prepare graduates for a fast career start and an exciting and rewarding homebuilding career journey. This textbook is the first component in a series of companion homebuilding training tools for construction professors to use in training future homebuilders.

In Part One, students explore the essential concepts and processes related to production homebuilding business practices, including an overview of the residential industry, careers paths, the land and lot acquisition process, and the vision and design process for land planning. Students learn about the roles of the production homebuilder, construction-sales team, architectural group, and purchasing department. Additional chapters address IT solutions for homebuilders; the starts, home delivery, and home warranty processes; and the role of the homebuilders association in the industry.

Part Two provides students with a traditional residential construction manual, which guides them through the logical stages of building a home. Students learn the sequence of construction, the tasks at each stage, and builder’s duties at each stage, leading to the delivery of the completed home to the buyer. Eight companion photo tours outlined in the construction manual provide students with illustrations of each task at every stage of the home delivery process.

Designed to satisfy ACCE accreditation standards, The Production Homebuilder is an ideal resource for construction students as well as recent graduates in the field.