Production Ecology of Wetlands: The IBP Synthesis


SKU: 9780521228220
Editor: Westlake, D F Szczepanski, A
Publication Date: 01/21/1999
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Wetlands are unique and fragile environments that provide a transition between aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Focusing on freshwater wetlands with emergent vegetation, this book considers productivity in relation to communities of animals and plants and their environments, mineral cycling, hydrology, and management. The contributors emphasize the biological interactions and processes underlying the structure and functioning of wetlands, revealing the need to appreciate the dynamics of the system to establish appropriate management and conservation practices. Based largely on research carried out during the International Biological Programme, this unique synthesis brings together a wealth of information, which until now had been widely dispersed in the literature and often difficult to locate. This comprehensive volume will be an important resource for all those concerned with the ecology, management and conservation of these sensitive natural habitats.