Production Chronicles


SKU: 9781450254533
Author: Petersen, Nikki
Publication Date: 11/18/2010
Publisher: iUniverse
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Emma Vaughn is stuck in a shoebox apartment in Paris without enough money to buy a plane ticket home to America. After graduating from film school with aspirations of becoming a famous director, Emma soon realizes that her career goals may be out of her reach. Utterly clueless as to how to find a job and desperate to cure her malaise, she lands a part-time gig serving cocktails and spends her spare time dreaming about falling in love.

Thanks to a chance encounter with Antoine, a handsome and successful French producer, Emma is thrust headfirst into the glamorous world of commercial television-only to discover that she has absolutely no idea what she is doing. After serving lattes to famous people, discovering the joys of Bollywood, and escaping from a Moroccan prison, Emma struggles to pave her own road to success as she embarks upon a journey to become a producer in a fiercely competitive industry.

The Production Chronicles is a delightfully charming tale that will appeal to the chronically unemployed, the hopelessly ambitious, or anyone who has ever wondered what it is really like to work in the world of film and television production.