Production and Yield gap of Cassava Crop in Center-South of Brazil


SKU: 9786206770831
Author: Batista Ferreira, Luiz Gustavo
Publication Date: 02/21/2024
Publisher: Scholars' Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Although the technological and scientific advances, the climate is still the most important variable for crops productions (CALDANA et al., 2019; CALDANA et al., 2021). The researchers Caramori et al. (2008) and Ferreira et al. (2020) pointed out that 80 % of yield variability come from the climate, in this context, the rainfall exhibits remarkable relevance for variability on the crops productions (FERREIRA et al., 2020).In order to maximize yield performances and to reduce the risks, the applicability of studies on agrometeorological elements has been applied on a global scale (RICCE et al. 2013), analysing the isolated characteristics and peculiarities of each climate and soil, thus, contributing for farmer in decision-making to reduce yield losses (MARTINS et al., 2017; CALDANA et al., 2021; FERREIRA et al., 2020).