Production and Income Relations in the Netherlands: A Semi — Regional Input — Output Analysis (Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st 1970)


SKU: 9789023729020
Author: Schilderinck, J H F Sinner, H J
Publication Date: 07/31/1970
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In this book input-output analysis is applied to the regional economy of The Netherlands. The re ults are based on a publication of The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics: Regional Accounts 1960, The Hague, Staatsuitgeverij, 1968. Dr. Schilderinck and Mr. Sinner call special attention to the structure which are concealed in the cumulated primary costs of the final demand categories. Part I of the book deals particularly with a survey of this feature of input-output analysis. Part II starts with comparing the production structure of each industry in the eleven provinces of The Netherlands by means of semi-regional tables. Next, authors analyse the structure of the induced income resulting from a surplus or deficit of each industry on current final transactions per province. Thanks to its methodical elaboration the book is a valuable guide to those confronted with the problems of regional economic analysis. J. J. J. Dalmulder Contents FOREWORD IX LIST OF TABLES XI PART ONE: THE INPUT-OUTPUT TABLE AS AN INSTRUMENT OF ANALYSIS 1 List of symbols 3 1. Introduction 5 2. The input-output table 9 3. Coefficients of the input-output table 11 3. 1 Technical coefficients 11 3. 2 Interdependence coefficients and cumulated production coef- cients 12 3. 3 Input coefficients of cumulated production 15 3. 4 Input coefficients of final demand 17 4. The example of a simple economic system 20 4. 1 The input-output table and the technical coefficients 20 4.