Production and characterisation of gluten-free bread


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Author: Silva, Hanndson Araujo Gusmão, Rennan de P Lisboa O, Hugo Miguel
Publication Date: 11/24/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The aim of this research was to produce a gluten-free loaf formulated with red rice flour, microbial transglutaminase enzyme and chitosan in proportions of 0%, 1% and 2%, in which the sample containing 0% chitosan was used as a control sample for later comparison with the others. The physical and chemical characteristics of the breads were analysed and the following parameters were determined: texture and humidity by infrared during 5 days of storage, pH, acidity, colour, humidity, specific volume and water activity. The breads produced showed good uniformity and colour. According to the results obtained, the breads proved to be suitable for all the physico-chemical parameters analysed. The breads with chitosan did not differ significantly in terms of moisture and specific volume, while in the other parameters the breads obtained values close to those observed in products already on the market. In terms of texture, it can be seen that with the increase in the addition of chitosan there was a decrease in humidity and an increase in hardness in the breads, affecting their chewiness. The product developed in the research.