Product of the Streets


SKU: 9781960993298
Author: Anderson, Demond Money
Publication Date: 09/16/2023
Publisher: Lock Down Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Born into the laps of luxury, as the son of kingpin parents, Mackintosh ‘Young Mack’ Miller was destined to be crowned the next king of Houston’s underworld . . . until the unexpected happens and Young Mack is forced to come into his own at a very young age. Is he ready for the smoke?

Sworn to the streets, Young Mack has to do what he does to survive while murder, treachery, and betrayal lurks around every corner of the game. Trials and tribulations riddle his life, but will Young Mack and his brooding team of Products of the Streets prevail or will the street’s grimy code of conduct swallow them whole?

Just as every other king before him, the race to be his queen is on. Love, passion, and sacrifices create for one hell of a tale. Will Young Mack crown a deserving queen or will he forever surrender his love to the streets and stay married to the game?