Product of the Streets 2


SKU: 9781960993632
Author: Anderson, Demond Money
Publication Date: 02/01/2024
Publisher: Lock Down Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Having overcome the clutches of one of Houston’s undisputed heavyweights, Young Mack finds himself at war once again with enemies he could never stand a chance against alone. But, the blood of his parents runs deep in his veins and even against all odds he is determined to conquer his newest foe, Gurdo, the inheritor of his father’s murderous drug empire.

After a decade and a half in federal max custody, Mackentosh ‘Mr. Mackmillions’ Miller breathes oxygen as a free man again, but will it only last for a short time. The crooked players of a game once ran by Young Mack himself are determined to take him down but this time for good. Being a PRODUCT OF THE STREETS, Young Mack only knows one way to avenge what was done to him. Will Young Mack extract revenge? Or will he run into more trouble than he’s prepared to handle?