Product Of The Street Union City Book 2


SKU: 9798987614853
Author: Bowser, E
Publication Date: 07/11/2023
Publisher: Ebony Bowser
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Lennox ‘Oz’ Anderson met what would become his obsession the night Shandea ‘Dea’ Saunders sat down to play a game of poker. Now that he had his obsession in his possession, he had to ensure that he could keep her. Oz never expected his own flesh and blood to betray him. And he definitely wasn’t going to let his twin go as far as kidnapping Dea for his own twisted pleasure, a right that was only Oz’s, without having to pay for it… with his life. Dea belonged to him and him alone. Family or not, Lennox planned to ensure that everyone, including Shandea, understood that he would do anything to protect what was his.

Will Oz find Dea in time, or will he be too late to stop his brother?

Shandea ‘Dea’ Saunders had always known how crazy Lennox was, but she never thought the craziness in his life would get so close to her. Dea didn’t know if she could look into Lennox’s face without seeing his twin… if she even made it out alive.

How will Dea ever be able to face the love of her life when he has the face of her kidnapper?

Hendrix ‘Henny’ Pharma knew things would have to change once he had another taste of his addiction. Henny refused to make the same mistake twice, but life always interfered with his desires. This time, Hendrix planned to have it all with Tali by his side and avenge the death of his brother.

Can Hendrix manage to keep his addiction and both his legal and illegal empires? Or will the ghosts of his past take it all?

Tali Saunders had one goal: to leave Union City and never look back. She successfully stuck to that commitment until her mother fell ill, and she had to return home. She never imagined her last night in Union City would be one she would never forget. Six years later, Henny was still on her mind. Tali never expected to run into the very man she’d compared every encounter she’d had to that one night with him. Now Tali had entered into a deal with the very man she couldn’t keep off her mind. Tali believed she could walk away from Henny when it was all said and done. But Henny has other ideas, like keeping Tali exactly where she belonged…in his bed.

Will Tali walk away again? Or will she stay?