Product Of The Street Union City


SKU: 9798987614808
Author: Bowser, E
Publication Date: 03/07/2023
Publisher: Ebony Bowser
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Tali Saunders had one goal: to leave Union City and never look back. Going off to college with her sister Shandea was a perfect way to escape becoming a product of the street. She never imagined on her last night in Union City that she would meet someone who made her question everything she thought she knew about herself. Meeting Henny wasn’t in her plans, but after one night of pleasure and demands, a connection was made.

Will Tali keep her vow to leave? Or will she stay?

Hendrix ‘Henny’ Pharma had one plan that didn’t include meeting Tali Saunders. In an instant, he knew things would have to change to include his new addiction. One night wasn’t enough, but life had other plans. Will Henny get the chance to be with Tali? Or will he be left a fiend, craving the high she gave him without her to satiate him?

Lennox ‘Oz’ Anderson met what would become his obsession the night Shandea ‘Dea’ Saunders sat down to play a game of poker. The only problem was that Dea belonged to someone else. Or at least she thought she did. Oz knew what he wanted, and it was Dea. He planned to make sure she understood that it meant forever once he made her his.

Dea counted down the days until her sister Tali would graduate so they could leave Union City behind. Nothing and no one in Union City could keep her there, even her so-called boyfriend, Rodney.

Dea always seemed to have a problem choosing the right man. But what happens when the right man chooses her?

In a single night, soul ties were created that bonded these two couples in ways they’d never planned or imagined. But will betrayal, jealousy, and death make them second guess their connections being destiny or tear them apart?

***This book contains explicit language, graphic violence, and strong sexual content. It is intended for adults.***