Product Marketing: Effective Go To Market Strategy


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Publication Date: 12/03/2023
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Welcome to Product Marketing: Effective Go-To-Market Strategy

The best products can still lose in the marketplace. Why? They are beaten by products with stronger product marketing. Good product marketing is the difference between “also-ran” products versus products that lead. And yet, product marketing is widely misunderstood. Although it includes segmenting customers, positioning your product, creating product collateral, and supporting sales teams, great product marketing achieves much more. It directs the best way to bring your product to market. It shapes what the world thinks about your product and category. It inspires others to tell your product’s story.

Product success starts with making the right strategic decisions. But the challenge for many product teams is that they are often so preoccupied with the tactics that they no longer see the forest for the trees.

This Book will help you proactively create a winning product strategy and an actionable product roadmap using a wide range of proven tools and techniques.

So Let’s Do This! Sharpen your product strategy skills. See you on the inside!