Product Intervention: User-Centric Design to Fabrication


SKU: 9781032392691
Author: Mukherjee, Biswajeet
Publication Date: 08/10/2023
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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This book covers all aspects of design thinking and its intervention as needed for developing products for the elderly. The book deals with the Universal Principles of Design and how they can be included with Technological Interventions for showcasing the product lifecycle.

The main technical features include the Anthropometry calculations, Design Thinking approach on the healthcare products, and selection of target group which is elderly in the presented context. Further, the complete product development cycle, the choice of materials, assessment of the designs, prototyping phases and the final product are all discussed in detail. The various fabrication strategies to reduce the cost of the product, ideation stages and Feedback and Assessment right from design to product development stage are discussed.

All the Anthropometry details are included specifically for the target group chosen; its mathematical understanding, error, etc. are all discussed in the book. The ideations, rendering and conceptualization based on Cognitive Ergonomics or Hawthorne and various other effects are also discussed in detail.