Problems in Class Analysis: Production, Knowledge, and the Function of Capital


SKU: 9781032398815
Author: Carchedi, Guglielmo
Publication Date: 02/24/2023
Publisher: Routledge
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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First published in 1983, Problems in Class Analysis presents a coherent theory of labour’s domination by capital, based upon the notion of the capitalist nature of both the product relations and of the productive forces themselves, including science and technology. The author demonstrates that all knowledges are a product, direct or indirect, of economic relations, so that different knowledges will be the product of different social classes as determined by their position within economic production relations. By posing and re-solving fundamental problems in class analysis, Dr. Carchedi forms a bridge between the theory of the production process and contemporary debates in economics, sociology and epistemology.