Prince’s Secret: A Thrilling Medieval Gay Romance


SKU: 9798671698961
Author: Young, Candace
Publication Date: 08/02/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Feelings between Prince Cassius and a young knight escalate. With a kingdom at stake, what choice will Prince Cassius make?

Prince Cassius has spent his entire life living under the rules and expectations set by others.

Feeling strangled by his status, he spends his nights alone on a balcony, lamenting the decisions

of the day before.

Below him work young knight Lucas. As a member of the royal guard, his primary job is to

watch over and protect Prince Cassius himself. But Lucas’ desire to help others is stronger even

than his sense of duty. He would certainly rather help someone than get a promotion.

When Cassius has a rough day, the words he speaks into an empty night call Lucas to his aide.

The two become quick friends and slowly inch towards becoming more.

All the while, Cassius struggles to reconcile his personal identity with his position of power and

the expectations that come with it. When he finds himself growing feelings for his only friend,

the tension only escalates.

With a Kingdom and a relationship at stake, what choices will Cassius make?