Primary Healthcare Counselling: A New Product


SKU: 9781844011001
Author: Otoo, Grace
Publication Date: 11/07/2003
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This study explored counselling as a ‘new product’ within the conceptual framework of ‘product innovation’ in primary health care settings. A review of previous work on psychological distress in primary care and counselling in Primary Care was undertaken. A methodical strategy that included interviews and questionnaires was devised to explore the organisational, practice and evaluative domains of counselling in Primary Care. Within the organisational domain, the perceptions of counselling in Primary Health Care held by different members of the primary health care team were explored by questions distributed to one hundred and twenty primary care practices in the north west of the UK. Widespread variations to perceptions of the role of the counsellor were identified. Counsellors perceived difficulties in integrated multi-disciplinary working due to cultural restraint to the relatively new profession. The ‘practice domain’ was explored via a questionnaire study of counsellors in Primary Health Care and a thematic analysis of archival data of first interviews between counsellor and clients in Primary Health Care was used to explore the complex or problematic processes in routine care settings that were regularly encountered by the counsellor. Two different methodologies evaluating counselling in Primary Health Care were used to explore the evaluative domain. The study looked at development and adaption. It was found that individuals with interest in counselling in primary health care need to look into the future and consider the above influences lest we get carried away by enthusiasm, extravagant research or by dismay into dogged reaction.