Practical A/B Testing: Creating Experimentation-Driven Products


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Author: Nassery, Leemay
Publication Date: 06/27/2023
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Whether you’re a catalyst for organizational change or have the support you need to create an engineering culture that embraces A/B testing, this book will help you do it right. The step-by-step instructions will demystify the entire process, from constructing an A/B test to breaking down the decision factors to build an engineering platform. When you’re ready to run the A/B test of your dreams, you’ll have the perfect blueprint.

With smart, tactful approaches to orchestrating A/B testing on a product, you’ll quickly discover how to reap all the benefits that A/B testing has to offer – benefits that span your users, your product, and your team. Take the reins today, and be the change you want to see in your engineering and product organizations.

Develop a hypothesis statement that’s backed with metrics that demonstrate if your prediction for the experiment is correct. Build more inclusive products by leveraging audience segmentation strategies and ad-hoc post analysis to better understand the impact of changes on specific user groups. Determine which path is best for your team when deciding whether to go with a third-party A/B test framework or to build the A/B testing platform in-house. And finally, learn how to cultivate an experimentation-friendly culture within your team.

Leverage the A/B testing methodology to demonstrate the impact of changes on a product to your users, your key business metrics, and the way your team works together. After all, if you aren’t measuring the impact of the changes you make, how will you know if you’re truly making improvements?