POWER of the P’s: The Principle P’s to Productive, Prosperous, & Purposeful Living


SKU: 9798889900733
Author: Armstrong, Tracey
Publication Date: 03/14/2023
Publisher: Trient Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Tracey D. Armstrong lays out an actionable guide for how to live a more productive, prosperous, and purposeful life. When you are ready to take your life to another level, remember the Power of the Pś- 10Pś to a Productive, Prosperous, and Purposeful Living. She addresses the Power your Perspective has on your personal being, and how itś time to stop fighting yourself. Ways to discover the Power of your Purpose and Passion are revealed for those in need of discovery. She walks you through the Power of Preparation for the Process, and how to position yourself to live the life you desire. This comes when she shows you how Powerful Planning and Pursuing your visions, dreams, and goals can be. Step by step plans for how to pursue these goals. She encourages you on how to surround yourself with Positive Thoughts and Positive People. As she expresses the Power of Proclamation over your life. With a guide for how to increase your Peace of Mind and the Power of focusing on the Present. If your life lacks this Powerful characteristic of Patience, she delivers captivating stories on how she dealt with increasing her levels of patience. Last but not least, she takes us on a journey of the lives of others as well as her own, and how they demonstrated the Power of Perseverance. The words are made to inspire you to live at another level of life, ignite a spark that motivates movement in your life, and to influence you to make the changes and take the chances that you have always dreamed of.