Pork Production Systems: Efficient Use of Swine and Feed Resources (1991)


SKU: 9780442001155
Author: Pond, Wilson G Maner, Jerome H Harris, Dewey L
Publication Date: 05/31/1991
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Pork continues to occupy an important position as a food source in affluent societies as well as in developing countries with slower economic growth. The growth of the world swine population continues at a faster rate than that of the human population, a reflection of the sustained demand for pork in all parts of the world. The technical basis for commercial production of swine was presented in our two earlier textbooks-Swine Production in Temperate and Tropical Environ- ments, by Pond and Maner, 1974, and Swine Production and Nutrition, by Pond and Maner, 1984. In view of rapidly advancing technology and an appreciation for the systems approach in industry and agriculture, this third book has been restructured to provide the student and practitioner with an integrated concept of pork production. We have attempted to blend the fundamental principles from genetics, physiology, nutrition, and biotechnology into the modern concepts of systems analysis and simulation modeling. The objective is to create a teaching approach which empha- sizes the integrated synthesis of biological with physical and environmental sci- ences and economics. This approach is expected to provide an overall pork pro- duction systems view that individual producers can adapt to their specific resources, needs, and goals. Our new co-author, Dr. Dewey Harris, has used his expertise and perspective on interacting systems to change the complexion of the book to fulfill this objective. In addition, Dr.