Pocket Guide to Selling Services and Products


SKU: 9780750626415
Author: Morris, Peter McDonald, Malcolm
Publication Date: 11/13/1995
Publisher: Routledge
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This pocket guide is a cartoon book with a serious message – it explores the world of commercial transactions: selling products and services. It will take the salesperson through the course of the sales process in an informative and entertaining way. Selling Services and Products begins by establishing an understanding of customers’ needs and moves through getting an appointment to meet them, to the moment when the sale is closed. It examines the differences between selling services and products and consolidates that information by an exercise at the end of each chapter. Everybody constantly makes transactions of one kind or another, so the selling process embodies a fundamental human activity – the need to persuade somebody about something, so that both parties benefit. This book will profit not only sales executives, but everyone.