Playful Babysitter And Other Tales of Male Submission, Fetishism and Erotic Humiliation


SKU: 9781695638969
Author: Fisher, Gray
Publication Date: 09/25/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This is the must-read anthology for anyone who believes his place is at the foot of a beautiful mistress, or loves the thought of having his kinky desires held up for ridicule in front of giggling young women.It’s the females who are in control as they manipulate their weak-willed, drooling admirers into richly satisfying but intensely embarrassing predicaments. A comely co-ed dangles a high-heeled pump in pursuit of a better grade. An achingly beautiful babysitter has fun with her employer’s fetish for female feet. An indignant girlfriend lobbies for equal gender treatment in a chain lingerie store. A girl-next-door-turned-supermodel turns the journalist interviewing her into a shopping sycophant to the amusement of her friends. And a bank manager seeks a very special deposit as she uses her stocking-clad stems to teach an ogling colleague a lesson he won’t soon forget. These and other femmes fatales know just how to ensnare men in their treacherous webs, then expose their humiliating desires to a coterie of conspiratorial witnesses. Gray Fisher, a longtime contributor to Leg Show Magazine and, and among the top names in short fetish fiction, proffers a you-are-there style of writing that taps into the baser instincts of all men who yearn to be the playthings of beautiful women, goddesses who will only give them the time of day on their own cruel terms.