Pigeon & The Peacock: A Children’s Picture Book About Friendship, Jealousy, and Courage Dealing with Social Issues (Pepper the Pigeon)


SKU: 9781956397345
Author: Trace, Jennifer L
Publication Date: 10/06/2021
Publisher: Kids Castle Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Curated by Jacqueline Belanger, PhD – A Sweet Storybook to Help Kids Learn about True Friendship, Jealousy and how Courage Brings New Challenges and Adventures!

Follow Pepper The Pigeon in his adventure to find the meaning of friendship, acceptance, being brave and more. This proud pigeon will discover how his friends like him even without having the most colorful feathers but for who he is. Join this cute pigeon and his friends in this adventure of self-love, fighting for the people we care, and making new friends. Enjoy this story through beautiful pictures and amazing new adventures.

– Produced and created by professional writers native in the English language.

– Cool and fun hand drawn illustrations in every page!

– Unbelievable stories that you may not have heard of before…

– Tons of fun for everyone in the family

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