Photosynthesis: Photoreactions to Plant Productivity


SKU: 9780792319436
Author: Arbol, Y P Mohanty, Prasanna
Editor: Abrol, Y P Mohanty, P Govindjee
Publication Date: 05/31/1993
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Preface. Chloroplast Genome: 1. The Chloroplast Genome: Genetic Potential and its Expression; A.K. Tyagi, N. Kelkar, S. Kapoor, S.C. Maheshwari. Photosystems: 2. Photosystem I Reaction Centre in Oxygenic Photosynthetic Organisms: Current Views and the Future; S. Hoshina, S. Itoh. 3. Oxidation of Water to Molecular Oxygen; Govindjee, W.J. Coleman. 4. Stoichiometry of Proton Uptake by Thylakoids during Electron Transport in Chloroplasts; B.N. Ivanov. Coordination and Regulation: 5. Regulation of the 32 kD-D1 Photosystem II Reaction Center Protein; S.K. Sopory, M.L. Ghirardi, B.M. Greenberg, T. Elich, M. Edelman, A.K. Mattoo. 6. Regulation of Electron Transport at the Acceptor Side of Photosystem II by Herbicides, Bicarbonate and Formate; J.J.S. van Rensen. 7. Photosynthesis and Herbicides: Effects of Pyridazinones on Chloroplast Function and Biogenesis; N.V. Karapetyan. 8. Interactions between Electron Transport and Carbon Assimilation in Leaves: Coordination of Activities and Control; C.H. Foyer. 9. Leaf Senescence-Induced Alterations in Structure and Function of Higher Plant Chloroplasts; A. Grover, P. Mohanty. 10. Maximizing Light Interception: the Role of Chloroplast Disposition in Cells and Thylakoid Membrane Architecture; C. Critchley, A.W. Russell. Carbon Assimilation and Partitioning: 11. Structure, Function and Regulation of Ribulose 1, 5- Bisphosphate Carboxylase in Higher Plants; R.C. Sachar, D. Saluja, P. Murali. 12. C4 Photosynthesis and C3-C4 Intermediacy: Adaptive Strategies for Semiarid Tropics; A.S. Raghavendra, V.S.Rama Das. 13. Interaction between Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism; P.A. Kumar, R. Polisetty, Y.P. Abrol. 14. Assimilate Partitioning within Leaves of Small Grain Cereals; R.C. Sicher. 15. Source and Sink Relationship; S. Mitra, S.N. Bhardwaj, G.C. Srivastava. 16. Photosynthetic Characteristics of Fruiting Structures of Cultivated Crops; R. Singh. Stress: CO2 Enrichment: 17. Effects of Water Stress on Photosynthesis of Crops and the Biochemical Mechanism; D.W. Lawlor, D.C. Uprety. 18. Effect of Heavy Metals on Photosynthesis in Higher Plants; I.S. Sheoran, R. Singh. 19. The Role of Carotenoids in Protection against Photoinhibition; P.K. Sharma, D.O. Hall. 20. Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Effects on Photosynthesis and Plant Growth; U.K. Sengupta, A. Sharma. 21. The Influence of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Allocation Patterns of Carbon and Nitrogen in Plants from Natural Vegetations; I. Stulen, J. den Hertog, C.M. Jansen. Genetic Variation: Productivity: 22. Genetic Variation in Photosynthetic Characteristics in Wheat: Causes and Consequences; K.C. Bansal, D.C. Uprety, Y.P. Abrol. 23. The Significance of Light–Limiting Photosynthesis to Crop Canopy Carbon Gain and Productivity – a Theoretical Analysis; S.P. Long. 24. Leaf Photosynthesis in Rice in relation to Grain Yield; R. Ishii. 25. Photosynthesis Improvement as a Way to Increase Crop Yield; H. Medrano, J. Vadell. Index.