Performance Contracting for Employees: Monitoring and Evaluating Productivity in the Workplace


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Author: Odero, Calvine
Publication Date: 02/04/2024
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The book explains Performance Contracting (PC) as a strategy for improving the productivity of the employee in the workplace.
As a Performance Management (PM) system, the PC empowers the staff and the supervisor to discuss, develop, and pursue SMART performance goals that support the mission and vision of the organization.
The PC provides an official agreement on the monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the performance of the employee, team, project, and organization continuously, periodically, effectively, and efficiently.
The discussion recognizes the performance matrix and the performance appraisal as valuable components of the performance contracting process of the organization.
PC is a valuable tool for developing the competencies and performance capabilities of the employee and supervisor progressively, enhancing the quality of products and services for the clients, and improving the competitive edge of the organization in the business environment.