Own: Turning Every Citizen Into A Productive Capital Owner


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Author: Reber, Gary
Publication Date: 03/24/2023
Publisher: Economic Justice Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The book OWN addresses the problem of concentrated capital ownership with less than 10 percent of the citizenry owning America and the more than 90 percent relegated to a wage system to earn income or government welfare dependency. Proposed are solutions to massive economic inequality, globalization, the misguided minimum wage and unionization movements, wage system dependency and tectonic shifts in the technologies of production that destroy jobs and devalue labor. Proposed are financial mechanisms and reforms to the tax, and monetary and credit systems to broaden capital ownership simultaneously with the growth of the economy. This new paradigm will enable the people of the United States to build a future economy that can support general affluence for every citizen. As a result, capital ownership would become an integral part of earning income and building wealth while ever-advancing technology

eliminates the necessity for a massive workforce and jobs for those workers. The proposed Economic Democracy Act will create equal opportunity access and the means to acquire capital using self-liquidating insured, interest-free capital credit for every citizen, every year from birth to death, to become a productive capital owner in the technological frontier. Without such universal citizen access to the financial means to acquire capital with zero-interest, insured capital credit, and the ability to repay those capital loans with the future pre-tax earnings of the capital itself, the increasing concentration of capital wealth ownership and capital-generated income will accelerate, as advancing technology replaces labor as a productive input. – Gary Reber