Over 250 Ways to Cook and Serve Fish and Other Productions of the Sea: A Choice Collection of Recipes, Representing the Latest and Most Approved Metho


SKU: 9781805477433
Author: Mary W Anderson
Publication Date: 10/18/2023
Publisher: Atlas Vista Publisher
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“There are many fishes in the Sea,” in fact so many that it is possible to have a different kind served every day of the year, and still not exhaust the variety, but it is necessary to the attainment of this result to have the resources of a great city fish market at one’s command.

Thanks to the skill of the trained cook there are an infinite number of ways in which the commoner sort of fish that are to be had everywhere, can be transformed into a great variety of dainty, yet simple and inexpensive dishes. And here is the value of this publication.

Cook books there are of all sorts and shapes, but strange to say the subject of Fish Cookery has been sadly neglected in all of them, and to supply this deficiency, the following collection of receipts has been carefully gathered and properly arranged for the convenience of the housewife, no time or expense having been spared to make the volume a thoroughly reliable and practical guide upon the important subject which it treats.

The experience of distinguished chefs and epicures of many lands have been fully drawn upon, while noted travellers, anglers, and sportsmen, who have been pleased with the cookery of some famous guide or cook, have revealed his secrets for the benefit of our readers. The famous housekeepers have assisted, too, and have contributed generously from the wealth of their experience.

In addition to the receipts there will be found within the covers of the book much other information of value to the reader, about the best fish foods, where obtained and how to be made of the best service. It is in every way a complete guide to the culinary art as applied to the fish family.