Out of Luck (Omnibus)


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Author: Morgan, Alex
Publication Date: 03/07/2017
Publisher: Unzipped Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Psychic sleuth Corey Shaw is torn between a vacation cruise with his family, his burgeoning attraction to handsome dancer RaÚl, and solving the mystery behind a series of bombings that follow the ship from London across the Baltic Sea. Can he protect the ones he loves and identify the terrorists before an even greater tragedy occurs? Then, soon after the cruise ship docks, the handsome men of Europe convince Shaw to extend his vacation. But when an extraordinary diamond is stolen, trouble begins to shadow Shaw…all the way back to his hometown of Boston. This paperback includes the third and fourth books of the Corey Shaw Mysteries series: Invisible Curtain and Legacy of Hephaestus.