Order of Nature


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Author: Scheinert, Josh
Publication Date: 10/23/2017
Publisher: Josh Scheinert
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Andrew accepted a volunteer placement in Gambia after college. Sheltered and shy, he wanted a change from his well-to-do suburban life. At first, things went as planned. He did good work, made friends, and started to break out of his shell. But then, unexpectedly, he meets Thomas.Thomas is a charming hotel bartender. Having run away from his homophobic village, he understands all too well how unforgiving his country can be to people like himself. He has one friend and nowhere safe to be who he is. Then, unexpectedly, he meets Andrew.The Order of Nature follows Andrew and Thomas as they navigate an environment where their love is illegal. At first, they believe it's possible to develop a relationship in even the most trying circumstances. But as their relationship strengthens, the homophobia that envelops them becomes more hostile; the politics of prejudice catches up. Exposed and arrested, they are forced to confront what it means when your existence is considered a crime, your love against the order of nature.