New theory of energy production exploiting constant natural forces: Study of a gravitational turbine


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Author: Jabli, Sadok
Publication Date: 06/17/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Leonardo Da Vinci was not wrong!
Leonardo Da Vinci was not mistaken when he designed a gravitational turbine which produces mechanical energy by exploiting the gravitational force and his idea has no relation to the term “perpetual motion”. I proved by precise calculations that it is a technical solution thanks to which gravity can become a source of renewable energy without violating any of the laws of thermodynamics.
I developed Leonardo da Vinci’s turbine and I used it to prove the new scientific theory of energy production by means of new natural forces such as the forces of atmospheric pressure, hydrostatic pressure, gravity and the forces of certain rare metals such as neodymium and others.

In this study I will propose a new theory of energy production exploiting constant natural forces such as: gravitational force, the force of atmospheric pressure, the force of hydrostatic pressure and even the force of permanent magnets.
I will rely in this study on a new system that I invented and which concerns the conversion of the gravitational potential energy into electric energy and relates to a new concept concerning the repetition of the work of the gravitational force provided by a gravitational turbine with magnetic bearing during a quarter revolution via a technical solution which allows to repeat the action of gravitational force and keep the dynamic equilibrium of rotation of the turbine to be able to add an alternator and convert the kinetic energy of the turbine into electrical energy.