Natural Products in Vector-Borne Disease Management


SKU: 9780323919425
Editor: Chauhan, Nagendra Singh Chauhan, Durgesh Nandini
Publication Date: 03/07/2023
Publisher: Academic Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Natural Products in Vector-Borne Disease Management explores the potential application of natural products in vector control and disease management. The chapters discuss the global impact of specific vector-borne diseases, gaps in management, and natural products in specific stages of development – discovery, optimization, validation, and preclinical/clinical development. Toxic effects and mechanisms of action are also discussed. This book also explores how therapeutic plant derivatives can be used to combat the vectors of infection and how natural products can be used to manage and treat vector-borne diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, dengue, and trypanosomiasis.

With the inclusion of case studies on field and clinical applications and the contributions from experts in the field, Natural Products in Vector-Borne Disease Management is an essential resource to researchers, academics, and clinicians in parasitology, virology, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacology, and pharmacognosy working in the field of vector-borne diseases.