Natural Cosmetics: Learn How to Make Your Own Natural Makeup (The Ultimate Guide to Best Practices for Using Cosmetic Products)


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The cosmetic industry is a multimillion dollar company but the toxins they use to preserve our products and make them smell good, are not so rich and luxurious as one might think. They are filled with harsh toxins and chemicals. There’s a reason why we are a society where the vast majority suffer from skin irritations, hair loss, hormone imbalances, etc. But the toxic ingredients in our products can also lead to worst case scenarios such as birth defects and even cancer.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Uncover the chemistry behind product formulation
  • Understand how you can do things like making emulsions at home with minimal gear
  • Familiarize yourself with the core principles of cosmetic manufacturing
  • Learn to preserve your creations with preservatives and antioxidants
  • Master different recipes to create all kinds of products
  • Achieve so much knowledge that you’ll be able to make customized products that meet your exact needs

All recipes have been tested and found to be good. Particularly suitable for neurodermatitis, vegans and anyone who has skin problems or considers sustainability important.

You have to be keen to experiment and be able to get involved with the subject in order to be able to pursue a hobby with naturkosmetil yourself. But also for the sake of our environment and our skin, soap making, shower gel making and much more is very important!